B2B PPC Advertising – Best Strategies for Lead Generation

B2B PPC advertising is the best B2B lead generation strategy out there today. Hands down. Forget cold calls, unwanted drop-ins, and trade shows.

Especially trade shows.

There’s nothing sadder than a lonely business booth at a trade show. No mildly interested visitors. Just a few pathetic looking employees desperately trying to hand out business cards, free USB sticks, and get someone to spin their giveaway wheel.

Don’t be that person.

Be the person that has so many customers knocking on your door that you can’t keep up with demand.

Below we’re going to help you be that person (or business).

We’ll explain the best ways to use PPC for B2B. We’ll also look at the most important things to remember when running you campaigns. Finally, we’ll show when to do PPC in-house vs when and how to hire a B2B PPC agency.

But first, let’s look at the value-add stats. Because if you’re going to convince your team PPC is the way to go, you’ll want some proof.